Avery and Velocity EHS

Two industry leaders provide an easy way to meet secondary container labeling requirements under OSHA's GHS-aligned HazCom Standard

Avery Products Corporation, the leading manufacturer of printable labels and cards has partnered with VelocityEHS, the leading cloud- based environment, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability software provider, to expand the printing options available to employers that must comply with rigorous workplace chemical labeling requirements. This partnership gives users of MSDSonlineHQ and HQ RegXR chemical management accounts from VelocityEHS the ability to easily create Avery GHS-aligned secondary container labels.

This functionality links MSDSonline HQ and HQ RegXR Accounts to the Avery Design & Print Online GHS Wizard, allowing users to design, save and print Avery GHS labels in several sizes using data indexed for chemical products in their MSDSonline account. Users have full flexibility in the Avery online software to add barcodes, logos, additional product descriptions and variable information.

Avery UltraDuty GHS Label Features:

  •   Chemical Resistant: Tested resistance to chemicals (e.g. Heptane, HCL 37%, pH3 buffer)
  •   Abrasion Resistant: Tested resistance to abrasion: Dry-rub abrasion test and BS5609 Sec. 3
  •   Waterproof: Passes BS5609 Section 2, 90-day sea water submersion adhesion test
  •   UV Resistant: 2 years outdoor UV life
  •   Tear Resistant: Durable synthetic label material resists tearing
  •   Jam-Free: Jam-free, smudge-free labels

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