Hocus Pocus Party Decorations

Throwing a magician party is a great way to keep kids entertained and enthralled. There’s no illusion to putting together the perfect party, though. Create a fun-filled event with Avery products and free design templates to decorate all your party essentials. Here are some neat tricks from womensforum.com to make your kid’s party simply magical.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Gather Avery White Postcards (#3263), Avery White Oval Labels (#22804 or 22814), Avery White Tent Cards (#5302), plates, drink cups, cupcakes, appetizers, magic tricks and toys to complete your magician party theme.

Step 2: Create magic-themed invitations

Set the stage for fun times ahead with whimsical invitations you can create yourself. Start with Avery White Postcards (#3263) and pre-designed templates on Avery Design & Print Online. The software makes it easy to create and print personalized two-sided cards, so you can enter the name of the party on the front, such as “Kellan’s Magical Birthday Party” and all the party details on the back, including the date, time and location.

Step 3: Decorate the treats

Add a personal touch to cupcakes, appetizers and drink cups with Avery White Oval Labels (#22804 or 22814). Choose a pre-designed template (or keep the design that matches your invitations) on Avery Design & Print Online, add guests’ names to each label and print.

Step 4: Set up magic stations

Pick up some fun, easy-to-do magic tricks from the toy store and place them on tables around the room. Use Avery White Tent Cards (#5302) to identify each magic trick and simple instructions on how to perform them. Assign groups of kids to each table and have them rotate to the next table every ten minutes.

Step 5: Make it an unforgettable celebration!

For more inspiration, visit womensforum.com.