GHS Label Design Webinar

Free GHS Label Design Webinar

The OSHA GHS deadline to get your chemical labels in compliance was June 1st. But it's not too late to avoid fines if you update your labels immediately. 

Did you know it's easy to create your own GHS and workplace safety labels? We'll show you how. Join our free GHS Label Design Webinar and learn how to design your GHS labels with our FREE Avery Design & Print software and templates. Your GHS labels can be printed on demand using your laser or pigment-based inkjet printer, or you can have them custom printed for you with Avery WePrintâ„¢, our professional printing service.

The GHS Label Design Webinar will be offered every Friday. Sign up today and get up to speed on your chemical labeling!

Featured Testimonial

Here's what a California State Compliance Officer had to say:

"Your GHS Wizard is an extremely effective system. I am blown away! You are providing people with a way to bring GHS information all together for clients that are not familiar with GHS compliance. The labels are duarably designed to hold the image and adhere to the container. I have worked in compliance for over 40 years... I have never seen anything like this in the field yet. This is great!" - California State Compliance Officer and Safety Engineer