Organization in Bloom
Organization in Bloom: Tips on Using Color
Here’s an easy way to get even more out of your organization efforts: by simply using color. Color can help get important messages noticed, provide visual cues so you can identify and find things faster and even brighten up your everyday projects.

Call attention where it’s needed
For head-turning visibility, use Avery Design & Print Online to jazz up your labels and make your organization not only more effective, but fun. Avery has a wide selection of versatile labels in all sorts of unique sizes and shapes to choose from. Tired of the same old look?  Try Avery Arched Labels to call out exact contents of file folders. Use personalized Avery Round Labels and Square Labels to call out important reminders on your calendar.

Find files in a flash
Use a little creativity to spice up your filing system. Using color makes it easy to find files, and refile them later, and when you add a fun design or image, it makes getting organized a little more fun. Assign colors based on task, project or child and you're ready to go. Try Avery Round or Avery Arched Labels to add a different look.

It's easy to brighten your day and the work ahead with these simple uses of color. With free design templates at Avery Design & Print Online you can create whatever your imagination can dream up.