Baseball themed award, t-shirt and tix

Three Ways to Create a Fun Company Event

Here’s a fun way to make everyone part of the action—with raffles, awards and company t-shirts!

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Step 1: Open Template

Instructions: Open the Award template.

Step 2: Personalize

Instructions: Add your event and participant information.

Step 3: Design

Instructions: Import your company logo. See Helpful Hint.

Step 4: Print

Instructions: Print on certificate paper or cardstock and attach a gold Notarial Seal to make the award really stand out.

Step 5: Open Template

Instructions: Open the Raffle Ticket template.

Step 6: Personalize

Instructions: Add the details of your company event. Include a number at the bottom of each card. Use the same number for every two cards. Give one card to the participant, and use the other for the raffle.

Step 7: Design

Instructions: Import your company logo. See Helpful Hint.

Step 8: Print

Instructions: Print several copies on Avery Business Cards. For multiple cards, simply change the numbers in the template before you print additional sheets.

Step 9: Open Template

Instructions: Open the T-Shirt template.

Step 10: Personalize

Instructions: Type in your company name and add your event copy.

Step 11: Flip & Print

Instructions: Flip the image (so text looks reversed) in your computer and print on a T-Shirt Transfer. Print on a plain piece of paper first to make sure you’re happy with the design.

Step 12: Iron onto T-Shirt

Instructions: Iron your design onto your t-shirt following the simple instructions in the package.

Step 13: Helpful Hint

Instructions: To insert a photo or graphic, such as the company logo:
1. Open NEW document.
2. Select photo from file: Insert>Picture>From File, and click to insert.
3. Choose “Format Picture” icon. From the dialog box, select the “Layout” tab.
4. Click “In front of text” option.
5. Copy and paste your image into the brochure, and size it to fit. Your image will paste on top of any other graphic or text and allow you to move it and resize it if necessary.