T-Shirt, Magnet & Sticker Giveaways

Make Trade Show T-Shirts

Put your company's best foot forward with matching t-shirts for the staff, magnet and sticker giveaways, all with your trade show theme.

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Step 1: Open Template

Instructions: Open the template for the t-shirt.

Step 2: Personalize the T-Shirt

Instructions: Personalize the design to support your trade show theme.

Step 3: Flip and Print

Instructions: Flip the image so the text looks reversed. Don't worry, it'll be right when we're done. Print on an Avery T-Shirt Transfers.

Step 4: Open Template

Instructions: Open the template for the magnets.

Step 5: Personalize & Print the Magnets & Stickers

Instructions: Add your information to the various designs. Keep in mind that customers can keep these for future reference and be sure to include your contact information.

Step 6: On with the Trade Show

Instructions: Apply stickers to promotional pieces, mailings or hand them out at the show. You can even wear them on your clothing as a conversation starter.