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Create Customized Tab Dividers For Your Binders

One of the best ways to make your information more effective is by simply organizing your documents. It’s easy to get your work in order with customized tab dividers—whether you’re putting together a presentation, client binder or office manual. With Avery Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers with Easy Apply™ Label Strips, you can create your own customized tabs that look professionally printed right from your desktop.

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Step 1: Gather What You Need

Instructions: Avery Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers are available in a variety of tab counts and colors. Find the one that best works for you and your project.

Step 2: Get Your Free Template

Instructions: Get started with a free Avery Template for Microsoft® Word from our Templates & Software section.

Step 3: Select Your Specific Product

Instructions: Under the yellow Quick Links bar, enter your product number in the Search Templates & Software field to find the available templates and software.

You can also use the links on the left side of the page to narrow your search. To find Index Maker templates, click on Blank Templates, then click on Dividers, and select Index Maker Dividers.

Step 4: Choose a Template

Instructions: You'll find a variety of templates to choose from. Find the Index Maker Easy Apply Dividers template that matches the number of tabs in the set of dividers you're customizing. Select the EXE or DOT files for the templates with the Auto-Fill feature.

Step 5: Download & Open Template

Instructions: Once you've selected your template, click the Download Template button. Open or save the template on your computer.

Step 6: Customize

Instructions: Type your tab descriptions in each of the tab fields in the Auto-Fill dialog box. To create multiple sets of dividers, type in the number of sets you want to create in the Options field. If you would like to label the front and back of the divider tabs, click on the checkbox next to Label front & back of tabs.

You may also insert your own graphic, such as your company logo, by clicking on the From File button.  
When you’re finished customizing your tabs, click OK.

Step 7: Preview & Print

Instructions: The tab descriptions you entered in the previous step should automatically fill the entire sheet of Easy Apply Clear Labels for your Avery Index Maker Dividers. Preview your template for errors, then print.

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