Wow the Crowd with a Powerful Presentation
Presentations can be an important part of business.  Big accounts have been won and lost due to the quality of a presentation. Whether you want to add new clients or service the ones you have, being a good presenter is a key to success.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create professional-looking presentation materials that are easy to put together. You’ll also learn ways to deliver your presentation so it’s entertaining and dynamic. Here are some tried and tested tips to make your next presentation a smash!

Prepare presentation materials that pack a punch

The thought of speaking in front of a crowd is a bit unnerving for most of us. But with some good preparation and a can-do attitude, you can keep the audience engaged and interested in what you have to say. Here are a few things to do in advance:

- Create a handout they’ll want to keep. Put together the key information from your presentation to pass out to your attendees. They’ll have something to refer to during your presentation, a place to take notes, and a handy takeaway to use as a reference later.

Or, if it’s the kind of presentation where you need all eyes on you the entire time, pass out the materials at the end so they can review your information afterward and keep it fresh in their minds. To give your handouts a professional look, start with Avery Durable Binders. Then organize the information inside with a clean, printed-on look with Avery Index Maker Dividers. The clear label tabs can be customized quickly with free Avery Design & Print Online software, and it’s easy to create labels for both the front and back of each tab.

- Bring a back-up, because the show must go on! Don’t let technical difficulties be your presentation downfall. In the event you’re unable to project your slides, bring a hard copy of your slides organized in an Avery Binder so you’ll have something to refer to as back up and can continue presenting without a hitch.

- Get the audience involved. For large audiences, Avery Postcards are a great way for the audience to jot down questions for you to address during the presentation, or to get feedback afterwards. For collecting feedback, it’s always helpful to include at least one question you want them to answer on their feedback card.

Your cards can look even more professional by customizing them with graphics and including your logo, too! You can hand them out at the beginning of your presentation, or tuck them into the binders and let the audience know they’re there.

One more idea on your presentation materials: if you’re shipping your materials to the conference location ahead of time so you won’t have to carry them with you, why not brand your Avery Shipping and Mailing Labels with your business logo? You’ll have a more professional look down to the smallest detail.

Deliver your presentation like a pro

When you’re presenting, you’re looking for nods of approval, not people nodding off in the middle of your bar chart screen. Whether you’re new to public speaking or just a little rusty, there are three words that can help you: practice, practice, practice! Here are some other simple tips that can take your presentation from blah to aah.

-  Be friendly and open. Start with a big, high energy smile and lots of eye contact.

-  Break the ice. Find a common thread in the audience with topics such as parenting, sports, a relatable product, etc. and open with a refreshing or heartwarming anecdote to lighten things up.

-  Interact with the audience. Ask the audience to participate by asking opinions and questions about their experience on the subject.

-  Use humor. Don’t be afraid to poke some fun at the obvious, like “This pie chart has so many colors, it could pass as a beach ball.” You’ll get a lot of smiles and be able to break any tension.

-  Keep their interest. Even if you’ve got a lot of facts and figures to discuss, your presentation doesn’t have to be dry. Mix things up with interesting visuals, share stories to make points more memorable, and keep the flow of your presentation going at a good pace.

With the right preparation, customized Avery products, and a little practice, your next presentation can be your best yet!