3 Name Badges
These Name Badges Need No Further Introduction
A group of people have gathered together for the first time. They don’t know each other well, if at all. What’s missing from this picture? Using name tags or name badges can make it easier for people who are not familiar with each other to interact and open up. It’s a simple way to make meetings a little friendlier, and helps encourage people to get to know each other.

Avery Clip Style Name Badges with Garment Friendly Clips attach easily to lapels, pockets and belts and won’t damage fabrics. You'll find them in standard business card size or larger 3"x 4" convention size, if you'd like more room to include additional information. Print names in large, bold type so they’re easy to read, and include a company logo if you wish. You may want to include additional information in smaller type beneath the name, such as the person’s company, job title or location to help spark conversation. It’s easy to design and print your own custom-printed name badges for any meeting or event with free Avery Templates.

Other ways to help break the ice:

- Arrange seating assignments to encourage people to interact with others they may not work with often. Use Avery Tent Cards to designate seating assignments.

- At large meetings, help new people get a warm welcome. Place red Avery color-coding dots on name badges to identify new people. Encourage others to look for the red dots and introduce themselves.

Say “hello” to Avery Name Badges—and say goodbye to awkward social encounters.