Avery Custom Binders
Meetings That Matter
It’s almost here. That important National Sales Meeting you’ve been planning for weeks. High-level executives will be flying in for it. So how do you make sure that everything goes smoothly, participants are impressed and the meeting is productive? Very often, it’s all in orchestrating the details.

Plan, Plan, Plan
Never hold an important meeting without a written agenda. It tells people you’re prepared and lets them know what to expect. Most importantly, it helps keep your meeting on track. Set times for your different agenda items and stick to them. Everyone appreciates a meeting that starts and ends on time.

Make People Feel Welcome
People who are comfortable and relaxed tend to be more productive. So welcome people warmly. And never underestimate the value of refreshments. Whether it’s coffee and croissants or mineral water and fruit, setting out something to eat shows participants you care about their comfort. Another way to make everyone more comfortable is to provide name tags for all the participants to help break the ice. You can create custom-printed name tags in minutes using Avery Name Badges and free pre-designed templates for Microsoft® Word.

Give Them Space
Make sure you hold your meeting where space is comfortable for the size of your group. Feeling cramped is distracting. Make sure there’s enough seating, good lighting, ample air circulation and a good atmosphere. If the meeting is a long one, plan for breaks in the agenda.

Build In Some “Wows”
Try to plan a nice surprise. For instance, as part of your meeting materials, you’ll probably have lots of handouts for each participant: a copy of the agenda, some background information and copies of presentation slides. Consider giving each participant their very own personalized meeting binder with all the materials inside. With Avery Signature Binders, you can create a custom-designed binder with the company logo, photos and graphics printed directly on the binder cover in full color. You can even have each participant’s name printed on his or her binder to really wow them. The cost is surprisingly affordable and you can order as many or as few as you need. Just visit www.zazzle.avery.com. With thousands of free backgrounds and templates to start with, you can create and personalize your design in minutes.

Of course, to keep the binder looking totally customized, you’ll want to use Avery Index Maker Clear Label Dividers to organize its contents. The clear labels virtually disappear on the divider tabs, creating a custom-printed look. And the included Easy Apply Labels allow you to apply all the tab labels at once, saving you lots of time.

The bottom line is, great meetings don’t just happen. They’re carefully orchestrated. So make sure your next meeting sings!