It’s All in the Final Presentation

You’ve finished writing the presentation, and you can’t wait to share the compelling information. Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on your presentation to make it look great. Even if you’re short on time, Avery has the solutions you need to help you package your hard work and turn it into an impressive presentation in just minutes. Here’s all you need:

- Avery Framed View Binders can make your presentation really come together. Frame your title page and spine and create a polished look instantly. The mounting sheet keeps pages from “floating.”

- Avery Label Index Maker Clear Label Dividers with Easy Apply™ label strips allow you to create print-shop quality, custom dividers right from your computer or tablet. And with the Easy Apply label strips, you can label your divider tabs all at once, so you can get the job done faster than applying labels to the tabs one by one.

- Free Avery Design & Print makes it easy to create coordinated and customized binder title pages, spine inserts and divider tabs that are sure to impress. For your title page, add your company logo. If the presentation is for a client, you may also want to include their company name and logo.

Be sure to label both the front and the back of the divider tabs. It makes it easier to go from one section to another without having to go to the front of the presentation when the binder is open.

For important presentations, it’s important to look your best. With Avery Binders and Index Maker Dividers, your presentation will be impressive inside and out, even if you're putting it together with little time to spare.