Makeover Takeover: Zen in a Jar

Sometimes, a better label is just a few clicks away. With expert graphic designers at the helm, we helped small business owners revamp their original product labels to give them a fresh, new look.

Small business owner Nikki Brooks believes we are responsible for the energy we bring to the world. That’s why in 2012 she founded Zen in a Jar—a line of handmade, wellness-supporting products promoting peace and relaxation.

Nikki’s original body scrub label had a calm and relaxed quality, but it needed to convey the strong, positive energy of her brand.

Championing the brand name

Taking a glance at the original label, it’s not immediately clear whether the brand name was “Zen in a Jar” or “Nirvana.” So, we boosted the size of the brand name, emphasizing the word “Zen.” We selected a more legible typeface but kept it black to create a clean contrast against the white background.

The name of the scent, “Nirvana,” was placed in a smaller, italicized font, and separated from the brand name by a thin, colored bar.

The Zen in a Jar body scrub gets a refreshing new look with strategically placed product labels and thoughtful tweaks to the label design.

Representing beauty and rebirth, the lotus pairs well with the brand’s ideals. And since the lotus image is more brand- than scent-oriented, the same image can be used for other scents with just simple tweaks, such as to color. We opted for a calming color that represents the scent, peach.

Adding visibility and depth

Nikki’s original product relied on the lid label to get its information across. We wanted to make sure Nikki’s products could be seen at other angles, such as eye-level on a shelf.

In addition to the label on the lid, a second label on the jar made the product visible when placed on a shelf.

We added a glossy white, rectangular label to the jar with a design that complements the lid. To let consumers know more about the product, we added the words “body scrub,” the scent, which is peach nectar, and followed it up with “invigorating mind, body soul” to highlight the brand’s focus on wellness.

The mandalas from the original label make an appearance on the jar label. They embellish the outer edges so there’s ample room for the brand name and product information.

Same scrub, new sparkle

Now the Zen in a Jar body scrub label looks just as energetic as the idea behind the brand. The redesigned lid label and the addition of the jar label amplifies the look of the product—all without having to scrub the canvas completely clean.

“It’s the perfect graduation of my brand,” says Nikki, who was pleasantly surprised by the sleek new design. The label, she notes, has not only been elevated — the design has remained faithful to her brand vision. “The fonts and the product descriptions are great additions,” says Nikki, “[but] I love that the mandalas are still a part of the design.”

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