Hobby Turned Scentsational Business

From farmers markets and craft shows to local stores and Etsy®, what started out as a fun pastime for Brendan Grimaldi and Mike Jakubowski has turned into a flourishing business. The owners of The Welles House Marketplace specialize in selling premium quality handmade candles, soaps, lotions and other personal items, all at affordable prices. And since first placing their products in local stores last year, the pair has been met with great success.

However, a big issue for many fledgling companies is the cost of packaging and labeling, which cuts into profits and limits growth. The pair tried many different options, but found only average quality products at unreasonable prices. And as a graphic designer by trade, Grimaldi is very particular about how their products look and their customers’ experiences with them. Then he found Avery WePrint™.

“Everything gets printed with amazing quality and shipped so quickly, it really works at the same speed we do and has allowed us to do more than we expected,” Grimaldi said. “We are able to tailor our orders to get the quantities and sizes we want, at any time.”

Avery WePrint allows the pair to order labels and sell small batches of their products to gauge popularity before making any large-scale decisions. And, as the company has expanded, they often hear compliments on their professional packaging, validating their choice of WePrint.

“We have truly been able to focus on our products and grow since we found WePrint,” Grimaldi said. “WePrint is currently our only source for labeling and will be for the long haul.”

Grimaldi and Jakubowski have been able to focus on their products since finding Avery WePrint.

-Brendan Grimaldi

Avery WePrint makes it easy to tailor orders to get the right quantity they need.