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Four Tips for Shipping Smarter
Looking for ways to take the hassle out of shipping packages? Want to give your shipments a polished look—without the high price tag? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected four sticky shipping problems and the sure-fire tips to help you solve them. Read on to find out how you can ship like a genius.

1. Reuse old boxes and make them look like new

PROBLEM: “Will the Post Office get confused if I reuse a box to ship? It already has a lot of old labels and markings on it.”

SOLUTION: When you ship your packages using an Avery TrueBlock® Shipping Label there’s no worry about distracting labels or marks that may make it difficult to read your shipping information. The labels are guaranteed to cover up existing labels, old markings and everything underneath—so you can reuse boxes, mailing tubes and padded envelopes. Not only will your packages look good, but your information will also be easy to read.

2. Get that “printed right on the box” look

PROBLEM: “I run a small business from home, but want my packages to look just as professional as a large business. Do you have any suggestions?”

SOLUTION: Here’s a way you can give your packages a professional touch—give your boxes a custom-printed look with brown shipping labels. The labels will blend right into the cardboard, so logos, company names and addresses appear as if printed right on the box.

3. Print exact postage from your desktop

PROBLEM: “I’m tired of waiting in line at the Post Office to weigh my packages for postage. How can I save time getting my packages ready to ship without the hassle?”

SOLUTION: Why not create your own postal center in your home or office? Avery has partnered with®, a leading provider of online postage and shipping software solutions to bring you the Desktop Postal Center service. Choose a 5-lb. or 25-lb. digital scale to weigh your packages from your home or office, then print the exact postage you need right from your desktop—and never overpay for postage again.

4. Create a shipping label and paper receipt at once

PROBLEM: “Using Internet shipping software makes it really convenient to print my shipping labels and receipts, but printing the receipt seems like a waste of a label. Is there a more efficient way to get my receipt?”

SOLUTION: You won’t have to waste another label printing your shipping receipt when you use shipping labels with paper receipts. They're part shipping label and part paper receipt, and in one pass through your printer you’ve got both the label and receipt in your hand.

For your next shipping project, keep these tips in mind. By shipping smarter, it’ll be easy to see who’s the brains behind your operation.

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