Find the Perfect Label Match for Your Unique Products

To buy, or not to buy? More than ever, time-pressed, busy shoppers are making purchasing decisions in mere seconds. So when they swoop their eyes over a wide choice of products available, it’s what your packaging says about your own unique products that can make—or break—the sale.

How can you create packaging that can’t be ignored? Look to your label.

A premium label makes an immediate great impression, because it conveys quality in a flash. And, what’s on the outside of the package gives shoppers a good indication of what to expect on the inside. Pair your products with a quality packaging solution, and you’ll leave the competition behind you. For custom, quality labels, Avery offers a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Design and print your labels right from your desktop, or let our professional print service print it for you!

What label material works best for your products? Find your perfect match with this quick label guide.

Product Labels
  • Kraft Brown Labels. Give your packaging a natural look with Kraft Brown labels. Our labels are made of 100% recycled material, so they’re just as eco-friendly as they look. Great for your organic, handcrafted and vintage products.

  • Clear Film Labels. Create a printed-on look on your packaging with Clear Film labels. These labels virtually disappear onto the surface when applied, so your graphics and text stand out right on the packaging. Ideal for labeling clear containers, they let the contents inside show through.

  • Glossy White Labels. Add a polished shine to your packaging with Glossy White labels. The smooth surface and brilliant sheen is great for spotlighting vibrant, eye-catching graphics from edge to edge.

  • Matte White Labels. Make your custom product labels with the versatile practicality of Matte White labels. Classic and simple but never dull, these labels are easy to work with and easy to transform with your graphics and text.

Product Labels

Avery makes it easy to find the perfect label match to brilliantly showcase your unique products. Choose your label size, shape and material. Design with free templates on Avery Design & Print and incorporate your logo and brand style. Then print your Avery Labels from your desktop, or get them professionally printed with Avery WePrint. No matter what you choose, we can help you package your products with the quality they deserve!