Celebrating Great Labels with Balm & Co.

WePrint: Celebrating Great Labels

You never know where your inspiration will take you. For Alex Elle and her 7-year-old daughter, it all started with a simple DIY project making lip balms at home. And just like that, the idea for an all-natural beauty line was born.

"Being a full-time 'mommapreneur,' I knew we could create something great together."
— Alex Elle, co-owner of Balm & Co.

This smart and savvy business duo now offers an array of vegan, handmade products such as face serums, body balms and, of course, lip balms under their brand, Balm & Co. And for the finishing touch, they use Avery WePrint for professionally printed packaging labels.

"I love WePrint because using the service is easy, quick and affordable. We will be customers for a long time," says Alex.

Avery WePrint makes it easy for small businesses like Balm & Co. to get the top-quality labels and cards to market their unique products. Low minimum order quantities, delivery in as few as 3 business days and a 100% satisfaction guarantee—it's just pure and simple.

You create it, WePrint it—and deliver to your door!

Alex Elle runs a successful business with her 7-year-old business partner.

Balm & Co. uses clear and white WePrint labels on their products.