Go Online to Turn Your Address List into Shipping Labels

Got a large stack of packages that need shipping labels? Lighten your workload with Avery Design & Print Online. Our free online software makes it easy to turn your mailing list into professional-looking, customized shipping labels right from your desktop. Print on Avery Easy Peel® Shipping Labels with the Pop-up Edge™ for fast and easy peeling, and you’ll have your mailings done in no time!

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Step 1: Get started

Instructions: - Go to Avery Design & Print Online.
- Select Create by Product.
- After you’ve selected your Avery product and the design you'd like to customize, choose the Mail Merge editing option and click Next.

Step 2: Get your address list to merge

Instructions: - Browse to find the Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet or other database file containing your addresses.
- If you don't have a spreadsheet with all of your names and addresses, you can start with our pre-formatted files for Microsoft® Excel or other database programs.
- Click Next to open your address file.

Step 3: Review and organize your information

Instructions: - Check the box to use the first row of your spreadsheet as column headings.
- Select the rows of addresses to be included in the mail merge. If the row has a checkmark, it’ll be included. To remove a row from the mail merge, click to uncheck that row.
- Below your address list you can view the number of rows included in the mail merge and the number of product sheets required for printing.
- When you’re ready to continue, click Next.

Step 4: Arrange the information on your labels

Instructions: - Start inserting your data by clicking the Mail Merge button on the left.
- Insert the merge fields from the box on the left to replace the sample text in the view area. You can double click the fields listed on the left or click the Insert Field button.
- To add a new line for your fields, click the Add New Line button.
- You can also edit your layout and delete fields by using your mouse and keyboard.
- When you’re finished arranging your information and ready to customize your text or graphics using the tools on the left, click Format Text.
- When you're satisfied with the look of your label, click Next.

Step 5: Preview your labels

Instructions: - If you're satisfied with the preview and ready to print your labels, click Next.
- If you want to make changes, click Previous and you’ll return to the editing screen.
- To make your labels print in columns from top to bottom to use the Easy Peel feature, select Fill Down before clicking Next.

Step 6: Print and save your labels

Instructions: - To print, click Print Your Project and print on Avery Easy Peel® Shipping Labels.
- To save, click Save Your Project and the file will be saved on your computer for future use.