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Three Simple Ways to Preserve the Planet
Want to do something nice for the whole planet this holiday season and throughout the year? Here are some simple things that you can do to think green and conserve resources.

1. Reuse Materials

A great way to cut down on waste is by reusing resources. For instance, why throw away all those corrugated boxes when you can easily reuse them to ship your packages? With the help of Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock Technology you can label over the old labels and markings and completely cover up what’s underneath. So you can reuse shipping boxes while still maintaining a neat and professional appearance.

Save packing materials to cut down on resources as well. Just store them neatly inside the boxes. That way, when you have a package to send out, you’re totally ready—and totally eco-friendly.

2. Reduce Unnecessary Travel

With gas prices up and your time at a premium, don’t make unnecessary trips. Avoid gas-guzzling travel to the Post Office (and waiting in line once you get there). Instead, send your packages right from home or office! You can actually calculate and print official USPS postage right from your own PC at, powered by Print paid postage stamps and shipping labels right at your desktop. And right now, Avery customers can get a free, four-week trial of these convenient services. Just go to and register now.

3. Don’t waste

Want a few more eco-friendly mailing tips?
- If you’re sending out a big mailing, practice good list hygiene to avoid wasting postage and undeliverable pieces of mail. First, make sure that the addresses in your list are up-to-date and eliminate any duplicates. Next, use the Avery Wizard software for Microsoft® Office. It will guide you step-by-step through “mail merge” to print address labels for your mailing list in just a few clicks.

- Don’t print more than you need to. Whether you’re creating a short memo or a long report, don’t print it out to proof it. Many people feel that they need to, but it’s all a matter of habit. Proof your work right on your computer screen. You’ll save resources and time.

- Use less. For instance, holiday cards are a great tradition, but it’s all about the warm thoughts. So this year, send your warm wishes via a holiday postcard, using Avery Postcards, instead of a regular card. It’s the same amount of caring, but uses half of the paper!