Get Simply Organized with Your Filing

Paperwork—sometimes it seems like it has a life of its own. Stacks grow and documents multiply. Before you know it, your desk is covered in a flurry of loose paper and folders, and you find yourself spending more time sorting through piles and hunting down important files.

But there’s an easy way to get simply organized. Check out these tips on how you can make your job and life a bit easier.

Divide and conquer your paperwork
First, take stock of all the paper that surrounds you. Sort through each item and determine whether it’s something you want to toss, forward to someone else, or keep. When you’ve narrowed it down to your “keep” stack, go through each piece of paper and decide:

1) if it’s something you’ll refer to it often;
2) if you’ll refer to it only occasionally;
3) if it should be archived for recordkeeping.

Build your go-to binder
For the paperwork you refer to often, it’s important to keep them where you can access them quickly and easily. An Avery Heavy-Duty Binder is a convenient place to house your active, most-wanted documents. The durable design can hold up to frequent referencing, and One Touch™ EZD™ rings open and close easily when you need to add or remove pages.

And because these documents are the ones you’ll refer to most often, it’s a good idea to create easy-access sections that hold up against wear and tear with Avery Durable Ready Index Dividers. There’s a reason why they’re known as durable dividers. With stronger, heavier paper, stronger tab reinforcement and double-sided hole reinforcement, they’re three ways stronger to last longer.

Organizing your documents is a snap—just create customized Table of Contents with free Avery Templates for fast and easy organization. You can also keep your important pages such as phone lists and other guides intact with Avery Sheet Protectors.

Create simple, easy-to-use files
For paperwork you refer to only occasionally or documents that need to be referenced by several people in the office, an ideal place to keep them is in a filing cabinet that’s easily accessible to everyone.

The filing system doesn’t have to be complicated, just workable for everyone that needs to access it. So set up your system with the users in mind. Consider adding visual cues onto your file folder labels. Using elements such as color coding or recognizable icons and symbols make it easy to find the right file quickly.

You can improve the look of your existing folders or update and reuse old folders with Avery File Folder Labels with TrueBlock™ Technology. They’re specially designed to cover old labels or markings underneath, while giving your file folders a professional appearance.

Pack it up and store it away
Recordkeeping is important to any company. But outdated accounting and tax documentation, past research reports and old employee records tend to pile up. For things that should be archived, pack them away safely in labeled boxes for storage.

If you’re reusing old storage boxes or want to update the labels on your current boxes, use Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock™ Technology. These powerful labels are useful for more than just shipping. Use them to completely cover old markings or labels on your current storage boxes so you can create a clean appearance.

Organizing your paperwork is easier said than done. But once you’ve taken the challenge to get them in order, you’ll appreciate the speed and efficiency an orderly filing system will bring to your workplace.