I.D. Labels
Tough Enough to I.D. Stuff
Not every label lives in a warm, comfy office. What if it had to battle unforgiving conditions? Will your label curl up and die? Or will it stand up to the elements and still strongly display your important information?

That’s where Avery Durable I.D. Labels come in so handy. They stand up to extreme conditions and still stay strong. Whether they’re getting scuffed up, stepped on or splattered. Frozen, sun-baked or rained on. Even in tough conditions like these, it’s just a walk in the park for these sturdy labels.

Use Avery Durable I.D. Labels when you need:

- Labels that identify bins and containers, the things that go in them and the shelves that they sit on. Items can get returned to their proper places when the label tells you where they belong.

- Labels that adhere to a variety of surfaces, including metal, glass, plastic, paper, ceramics and wood.

- Labels that stand up to harsh conditions. Made of polyester with extra-strong adhesive, these labels are designed to be tough.

- Labels that come in a variety of dimensions and sizes, and are built to last.

Just design using Avery Design & Print Online at avery.com, print and they’re ready to go.