Supercharge Your Organization

It’s time to flex those muscles and roll up your sleeves—the new year is here, and you’ve got some organizing to do. We’ll help you brush up your organization skills, plus show you new ways to power them up. Check out these tips on how you can lead a more organized life.

How to stay on top of your busy schedule
Feeling overwhelmed? Cut down the stress by using a planner to manage everything from your to-do lists to your calendar.

- Make it a habit to write down project due dates, appointments and events as soon as you find out about them so your planner stays updated.
- For recurring events such as weekly meetings or your child’s piano lessons, create reminder stickers with Avery Easy Peel® Return Address Labels so you won’t have to write the same thing over and over.

How to save time with a clean desk
Got stacks of paperwork cluttering your desk? It’s time to file those piles!

- Create a color-coded filing system to make it easier to sort through your paperwork at a glance. Use different colored file folders or file folder labels and assign a color based on file type (such as by project or subject), person (such as by client, patient or family member) or action (keep, forward, do or shred).
- Make filing more fun with personalized file folder labels. Check out these colorful labels for file folders and hanging file tabs, or create your own to fit your needs.

How to manage all your important subjects
“Getting more organized” is a popular goal in the new year, and appears on many Top 10 Resolutions lists. Got important documents and paperwork you refer to often? Keep them right at your fingertips with Avery Durable Binders.

- Dress up your shelves and get organized at the same time with these colorful patterned binder spine designs. Binders look eye-catching whether they stand alone or are lined up together. Check out these designs for 1” and 1-1/2” binders:
    - Antique Flourish
    - Bright Green
    - Evening Shade
    - Swirl
    - Other designs
- Power it up: Sort your subjects and make it easy to find what you need with Avery Ready Index® Table of Contents Dividers. This step-by-step guide will show you how to create section titles onto the Table of Contents page using your printer for instant organization.

Ready to get your year off to a great start? At work, home or school, these all-around organization tips can help you get in gear for the new year.