Office Clean Sweep
Stress Less with an Office Clean Sweep
Got a case of office anxiety? A messy office might have something to do with that. Many workers feel disorganization makes them more stressed. Do you feel the same? Here’s how to give your office a “clean sweep” and make it a less stressful—and more productive—place to work.

Two weeks before: set up the “sweep”
- Make sure you and your co-workers can designate a couple days for the big clean up event—that way, you won’t feel you have to get it all done in one day.
- Plan to use one day to clean out all unnecessary clutter at your desk area, and have everyone pitch in to help clear out shared areas such as the supply room or kitchen. Designate the second day to organize and finish up.
- Cleaning up can be a dirty job. Check with the office manager about allowing casual dress during office sweep days.

One week before: get supplies ready
- Reuse old cardboard boxes for storage or sorting out stuff for recycling or donation. Use Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock Technology to label boxes while blocking out distracting marks or old labels underneath.
- Set up a recycling center at your workplace for paper, plastic and other reusable materials with this free template.
- Create a sign-up sheet so people can volunteer to bring in supplies, such as towels and cleaning products, and even munchies (for keeping energy levels up, of course).

The day of: find a home for all that stuff
- Like the saying goes, one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. Establish a table in one area of the office where people can drop off items they no longer need, and at the same time look through other disposed items they might want to pick up.
- Have volunteers take the items placed in donation boxes to a local charity organization or school.
- Finally, give your desk a “sweep” of its own. For all your loose piles of paperwork, refresh old file folders with Avery File Folder Labels with TrueBlock Technology. Just place the labels over old labels or markings without worrying about anything showing through, and give it a new home inside an organized drawer or filing cabinet.

Make an office clean sweep a regular event that you and your co-workers can all look forward to each year. You’ll clear the clutter, get organized and relieve a little stress while you’re at it—now that’s a refreshing idea!