Woman Holding Tidy Project Binders and Apple
Rethinking the Office Drawer
We love our office drawers. So much, in fact, that we expect them to hold everything from staples to snacks, and we automatically reach for them when we're looking for any piece of paper that’s ever crossed our desks. But while we automatically think “file drawer” for anything we want to keep, a drawer may not always be the best place to hold our stuff. It might be time to think outside the drawer—or find a way to streamline your existing operations.

Access Frequently Needed Project Files

Project files can be the pulse of whatever you're working on. So where’s the best place to keep them? When you have files you refer to frequently and you leave them out on your desk, it gives your workspace a messy appearance. But place them in your file drawers, and you'll find your drawers filling up, as you constantly add new files and paper to your folders. What’s the best solution?

Next time, use binders to organize your project documents. A binder can be kept on your desk, or arranged on a nearby shelf where it’ll be at your fingertips. When you're off to a meeting, just grab it and run. And if you use Avery Durable Binders, not only will your files stay neat and together, but it’s easy to find and grab the right binder when you create a spine insert for it. To keep your project binder organized inside, tab dividers are the way to go. Create easy-access sections that help you find just what you're looking for, from timelines and meeting notes to action items and reports. For an easy way to create customized tab descriptions, use Avery Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers and free Avery Templates.

Update Ever-Changing Reports with Ease

Financial reports, budget information, and schedules are constantly changing. You find yourself always going through these files, tossing some documents and replacing others. Instead of rummaging through file folders for the exact document you’re looking for, organize your information with an Avery Durable Binder and Avery Index Maker Clear Label Dividers. Create tab labels with customized descriptions, so you can immediately flip your binder open to the section you want, locate your document, and update it as needed. For binders that you use frequently, create labels for both the front and back sides of each divider tab. That way, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for no matter where you are in the binder. And the new Easy Apply Label strip that comes with our Index Maker Clear Label Dividers makes it simple to apply all your tab labels at once, so setting up your binder is a breeze. Free Avery Templates for Index Maker Clear Label Dividers have an auto-fill feature that makes it simple to create and print multiple sets of divider tab labels for both the front and back side of tabs, so you've got everything covered.

Shape Up Your File Folders

If you've ever suffered from bulging file folders and had trouble finding the tabs inside without removing or bending the documents, think about revamping your current files and turning them into more efficient file folders instead. Use Avery Extra Large Filing Labels on your file folder tabs, and you'll see what it’s all about. These larger size labels allow you to use a bigger type size or add an extra line in your tab description. Next, use hanging files and Avery Printable Hanging File Tabs to separate and identify your files. The hanging files create structure inside your drawer and are always easy to see. Plus, when you take out a file, you'll know exactly where to put it back later. Our Printable Hanging File Tabs allow you to print the tabs as easily as you print labels from your desktop. No more typing on tiny little inserts and stuffing them into plastic holders. These tabs are die-cut out of durable card stock. You just print, fold, and put them in place. When your files are easily identifiable, you'll see how much your drawers have shaped up.

Getting organized is a step in the right direction to a more efficient workplace. And discovering new ways to keep order can make a huge difference in maximizing your productivity. So don't get stuck in a rut. Open your mind to new possibilities and let go of the office drawer.