Brilliant Binders
Quick Tricks to Turn Projects from “Boring” to “Brilliant”
Don’t let the winter blahs affect your quality of work! Punch up your projects with vibrant color so they get the attention they deserve. We don’t see the world in black and white, so why should your work be so dichromatic? Find out how you can take everyday projects from “boring” to “brilliant” with these simple but snappy tricks.

BORING: Are address and shipping labels in plain black text making your mail seem ho-hum?
BRILLIANT: Add a colorful logo or graphic to your business and personal labels and make them really “pop.” Customize Avery Address Labels and Avery Shipping Labels with the free Avery Design & Print Online tool to spruce up your mailing.

BORING: Are cobwebs wrapping around those drab binders on the shelf?
BRILLIANT: Create attractive binder spines so your binders look so inviting, people can’t keep their hands off of them. Download these free binder spine templates for instant appeal.

BORING: When reviewing the contents of a binder, do you often get lost?
BRILLIANT: Bring reports and manuals to life by organizing them with Avery Index Maker® Dividers you can customize with eye-catching graphics and fonts in color. You’ll get printshop quality, durable dividers right from your desktop, and they’re easy to put together with Easy Apply label strips—just print, peel and press.

BORING: Do you get frustrated trying to find the file you need in a cabinet drawer filled with identical-looking folders?
BRILLIANT: Color code your files and find what you need quickly and easily with Avery File Folder Labels with TrueBlock Technology, available in assorted colors. It’s easy to organize files by project, client, date or other categories by designating a color for each.

Get your work out of the gloom and into the spotlight. A dose of color can help get your work noticed, make it more effective and give your projects a professional look.