Quick Tricks to Rev Up Your Home Office
Working from home has plenty of perks. There's no such thing as a dress code, no wait to use the facilities, and best of all, who can beat the commute? The question is, can you be just as efficient in your home office as you would in a regular office? While you may not have the exact same office essentials as you would in a typical office, it's easy to set up a smaller-scale version of these resources at home. Here are some ideas to help your home office run just as smoothly as any work office.

On a need-to-know basis: the home office owner's manual

Meet the new administrative assistant—you. That means you'll need a keen system to help you keep track of key contacts, signed contracts, and other important documents, especially when you need to look up information on the fly. By creating an office reference manual, you can keep important stuff neatly organized in one place so it's easy to find what you need, when you need it, and a good place to start is with the Avery Comfort Touch Binder. This durable binder has a reinforced spine designed for frequent and long-lasting use, while also making the binder more comfortable to grip each time you reach for your manual.

Next, organize your binder contents into sections using the Avery Index Maker® Dividers. For example, you may want to sort your information by client, project, or date. Customize your divider tabs with the easy-to-use Avery Design & Print Online software, and in minutes you've got dividers that look so sharp, they look professionally printed.

Mailing and shipping with a professional look

Even though you're working from home, you're still all business. So whether you're mailing out marketing materials for your company or shipping out products as part of your online business, make sure your envelopes and packages convey that look of professionalism. Just add your business name and logo to Avery Address Labels and Avery Shipping Labels with the free Avery Design & Print Online software. Choose from pre-designed templates or upload your logo and create your own design, and print a supply so they're ready when you need them. You can also save your finished design for future printing.

No waiting in line at your own mailing center

For serious shippers, you might want to consider bringing the convenience of the Post Office™ right to your home office. If you ship more than three packages a month, the Avery Desktop Postal Center can help save you time and money by making it easy to print exact postage, cut down trips to the Post Office™ and track your packages from your desk. This is a membership service that includes postage vouchers, discounts, and other special offers, and can be canceled at any time.

Where office supplies meet demand

So you don't have a lot of room to spare in your home office? You can still keep an organized space for your office supplies and keep your work zone clutter-free. A simple bookshelf, wall-bolted shelving, or even a file cabinet is all you need. Mark a designated area for each shelf or drawer by function, such as items for shipping, marketing, and general office supplies with Avery Permanent Multipurpose Labels.

Creating an efficient and productive home office is easier than you think. Start with the basic tools and supplies you need most, and then build up as you see fit. Soon, you'll have a small operation at work in your home. For everyday solutions to make life easier, count on Avery.