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Take Out Binder
Planning Lunches in a Pinch
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But without lunch, most of us would collapse in our cubicles with visions of BLTs and tacos dancing in our heads. When you’re in charge of setting up a lunch meeting in the office—or even planning a quick meal at home—what’s the easiest way to take care of the hungry lunch bunch without taking too much time out of your busy schedule? We’ll show you how to put together your most essential meal planning tool—the takeout menu organizer. Here’s how:

1. Start with a binder that’s built to last

When it comes to food, people don’t mess around. Your takeout menu organizer could be the busiest binder in the workplace—so make sure you choose a binder that stands up to frequent use. The Avery Comfort Touch Binder has a reinforced spine that’s not only durable, but comfortable to touch. Menus are easy to flip through with the Gap Free™, EZ-Turn™ rings for smooth page turning. Next, choose a template below to create a binder cover or label to place on the front cover so your binder stands out.

Takeout Box
Labels | Binder Cover & Spine

Sack 'n Soda Labels
Labels | Binder Cover & Spine

2. Organize your lunch options

What kinds of food do people crave? Showcase the variety of options available with colorful  Avery Index Maker® Dividers. Use this free template if you want to organize your takeout menus by cuisine (American, BBQ, Vegetarian, etc.). Another idea is to organize by price. Want to create your own customized categories?  Just go to Avery Design & Print Online. There’s no download required, and easy instructions make creating your divider labels a piece of cake!

3. Pop in your menus

Menus can easily get worn, torn or lost. Extend the lifespan of your menus—tuck yours inside Avery Secure Top Sheet Protectors. The super heavyweight material protects the menus as people flip through them, and the convenient top flap holds your menus safely inside so they don’t fall out.

4. Make order-taking easy

The customer is always right—especially when they have exactly what they want written down in front of them. Create a supply of these order-taking cards using Avery Postcards. When it’s time to order, people review their menu options, pull out a card and write down their specific order. Or, you can take down their orders and compile the entire lunch list on the card so it’s easy to run through the list when you call the restaurant.

Takeout Box
Order Form

Sack 'n Soda
Order Form

Sink your teeth into this simple, stress-free way to organizing lunches. Once the other departments see how easy it is to set lunches up, they’ll want to make a takeout menu organizer of their own!

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