File Cabinet
Make Your Office User-Friendly with Easy Organization Tips
Organization—it’s easier said than done. Setting up elaborate organization systems isn’t always practical, and can be a turn off before you even get started. Why not start small? Laura Stack, the Productivity Pro® and author of Leave the Office Earlier shares suggestions and insight on how to increase productivity by creating an organized workspace, bit by bit.


Problem: Where should I store something I need to act on soon?

Solution: Don’t leave it on your desk. Inevitably it will be covered up by something else equally important.

Instead, set up a simple tickler file. Obtain 43 hanging folders. Label 31 folders “1” through “31” for the days of the month. Label the remaining 12 folders January through December. Put the numbered folders behind the current month. As a day passes, put that numbered folder behind the next month. For example, on March 29, your file would look like this (see image).

File any papers that require action in the appropriate folder. You’ll never misplace papers again!

Extra Easy: Hate typing on tiny little inserts and stuffing them into plastic holders? Use Avery Printable Hanging File Tabs. They’re die-cut out of durable card stock so there’s no need for those plastic holders. Just print, fold and put them in place.


Problem: Whenever I try to clean out a cabinet, I run out of time and stick everything back in.

Solution: Don’t try to organize closets or cabinets in one session. Instead, plan a limited time de-clutter assault. Get five sturdy boxes and label them “put away,” “give away,” “store,” “toss” and “belongs here.” Whenever you have a little time, go back to sorting. You’ll be clutter-free in no time.

Extra Easy: Label your boxes with Avery Durable I.D. Labels. They adhere to a variety of surfaces and they won’t fade, fall off, get water damaged or scuffed.


Problem: I’m constantly searching for things on my desk, saying, “I know it’s here somewhere.”

Solution: Think of your desk as expensive real estate. You can’t afford to keep anything there that you don’t use daily. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be close at hand. Take those important project files sitting on your desk and put them in a binder. That way, all the information you need is close at hand.

Extra Easy: Create a title page and spine insert to identify what’s inside the binder. Use an Avery Binder with Easy Insert™ Spine feature so your spine insert will slip in easily without getting crumpled. Then use Avery Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers to organize the sections in your binder. With the Easy Apply™ Label Sheet, you can label all the tabs at once. To learn more about Index Maker Dividers, view our online demo.