Training Manual with Double-Column Ready Index Dividers

Impressive Makeover: Training Manuals
Training manuals. Two hundred pages of information no one really wants to read! Can you actually make them user-friendly and easy to navigate, let alone inviting? The answer is indisputably “yes.” With a little organization and some helpful tools.

Training Manuals Should Be Inviting
Why give people an uninviting, overstuffed binder that immediately says “Don’t open me. Jumbled, boring stuff inside.” Instead, give them something easy to use and inviting to go through. After all, isn’t that the point of a training manual?

The Wrong Binder Can Leave You In a Bind
Training manuals traditionally have lots of information, so start by selecting a binder big enough to hold all your information comfortably. Make sure it has rings large enough to accommodate extra pages in case additional training material needs to be added later. You may want to include a “quick start” sheet or FAQs for users to reference. Keep it handy for them by inserting it in the inside pocket of the binder cover. Avery Heavy Duty View Binders with One Touch™ EZD™ Rings are a good choice. The rings hold up to 50% more pages than the same size round rings and the extra pockets make for easy organization.

Information Should Be Easy to Access and Read
When you have lots of information to organize, it’s important to break it up into meaningful categories. Don’t limit the number of sections. The more sections, the easier it is for users to access exactly the information they’re looking for. If you’re concerned about having to combine multiple sets of dividers in one binder, don’t worry. In the past, that was a real problem. Multiple divider sets in one binder created a cluttered look and made it difficult to navigate. Plus, it really added to the time it took to put the binders together. But today, there’s Avery Double-Column Ready Index Dividers. These new dividers have two layers of divider tabs, with the second layer extended farther out so you can view all the tabs at once—making them easy to access. It also comes with a Table of Contents page that has two columns on it, giving you more space for section descriptions. And the free Quick-Fill template for Microsoft® Word makes it quick and easy to enter your section titles and even add pictures or graphics to your Table of Contents page. Plus, these dividers are made stronger so they hold up to heavy use. You’ll also love the new colors and stylish design that give you a neat and professional look.

So the next time you’re putting together a training manual, don’t settle for mundane when you can make it marvelous!