How to Make Simple Organization Tools Work for Your Business

Running your own small business is a dream come true, but it also puts a lot of demands on your plate. Things can get pretty hectic, from acquiring new customers to keeping current customers happy, and all the day-to-day work in between. Want some easy-to-use methods to control all the madness? We've put together three ways to help you take care of business.

Create an organized recordkeeping system

For many small businesses, sending invoices and collecting payments can feel like a full-time job. But financial paperwork doesn’t have to be a headache. To create a filing system to help you stay on top of your billing, start with a reliable go-to—the Avery Heavy-Duty Binder. Organize your paperwork customizable Avery Index Maker® Dividers. They're so simple to personalize. Free templates on Avery Design & Print make formatting a snap and the clear labels virtually disappear when applied giving you a clean, professional look.

Pitch a professional presentation

Looking to get more customers? Impress potential clients with a personalized presentation. Avery Signature Binders are easy to design online with simple step-by-step instructions. You can add your logo, contact information and your client’s name your customized binder cover, and you’ll get a full-color, photo-quality binder on its way to you in three to five business days.

Next, organize the sections inside with Avery Index Maker® Dividers for a professional, contemporary look. For an added touch, coordinate the tabs to match complement your binder by using the same font, graphics or colors.

Build your own reference library

When your business relies on bringing other professionals together to get the job done, you’ll need an efficient way to organize all your contacts. Whether you’re an event planner, contractor or other service professional, you’ll want to keep all your resources in order in an easy-to-manage system. With the Avery Comfort Touch Binder, you get a reliable binder that’s engineered for frequent and long-lasting use. The elegantly embossed, extra reinforcement to the spine not only adds strength, it softens the binder edges to fit the contours of the human hand. The result—a durable binder that’s easier to grip and more comfortable to hold.

Now it’s time to get your contacts in order. With Avery Ready Index® Table of Contents Dividers, you get 26 preprinted tabs from A to Z, so you can alphabetize information from each contact such as marketing materials and brochures, and just like that—you’re ready to go.

You’ve got a business to run, and Avery is here to help make things easier. Count on us to help you take charge of organization, and get your business essentials ready to work for you.