Extra Large Filing Labels
For an Efficient Filing System, Think Big
Does your current filing system create eye strain as you squint to read the file labels? Or are the files mysteriously labeled in abbreviated terms that don’t make any sense? Let’s face it, not everything can be described in three words or less—especially file labels. So when it comes to creating a filing system, you need to find a system that works for you and everyone that needs to access it. That’s where Avery Extra Large Filing Labels come in so handy.

Avery Extra Large Filing Labels provide enough space to accommodate up to three lines of text and graphics. You have plenty of room to create multidimensional file descriptions that include information such as the file name, account number and location. And with free Avery Templates, it’s easy to make customized file folder labels.

When you’ve got a set of files used by multiple users, it’s time to set up a filing system that makes it easier for everyone to find the files they need. Here are some suggestions on how to create your own efficient filing system:

- The filing system doesn’t have to be complicated, just workable for everyone that needs to access it. So set up your system with the users in mind.

- Develop a “self-service” filing system by making it easy for users to find the files they need. Use a uniform and consistent naming structure, so it’s quick and easy for anyone to find the file they need.

- For a simple way to organize a filing system, incorporate visual elements. Things like color-coding or icons make it easy to find things quickly.

- Implement a "library" system. Anyone can remove a file, but only the designated file manager can re-file it, just like a librarian. That way you'll know the file is always returned to its proper spot.

With these tips, and Avery Extra Large Filing Labels, it easy to create a customized filing system that works best for you and your team. Take the time to implement your own custom filing system now, and you’ll appreciate the speed and efficiency the new system will bring to your workplace.