Tough Real Estate Market
Winning Customers in a Tough Real Estate Market
It’s a tough economy out there, and the real estate industry has definitely felt the pinch. People continue to be cautious about their spending, and consumer confidence has fallen to an all-time low. But just because the economy has slowed down, it hasn’t come to a complete stop. There are home buyers still in the market, and an opportunity for you to capture their business—with a little personal touch.

Presenting customers with a custom client binder can make them feel special, while communicating how much you appreciate their business. It also gives your company a professional look that’s sure to stand out from the competition. You can create your own custom binders in just four easy steps with the help of Avery Signature Binders.

Want to make a great impression on your clients from the inside out? Check out these binder ideas. You can turn your binder not only into a handy reference guide, but also a great marketing tool for your business.

- Show them your best stuff
Create a customized presentation for each of your clients, showcasing the homes that best fit their wants and desires. With a custom client binder, your clients will appreciate having an easy way to reference all their top choices in one handy spot. Just add your client’s name to the cover for a nice, personal touch.

- Bring order to the closing documents chaos
Give your clients a personalized binder to help them organize all their important documentation. Create customized dividers easily with Avery Durable Ready Index Dividers and free Avery Templates. Make a section for the purchase agreement, seller disclosures, escrow terms, inspection paperwork, insurance policies and mortgage paperwork and other key categories to eliminate the “too-much-paperwork” panic. And because Durable Ready Index Dividers are now three ways stronger to last longer, they’ll hold up under frequent referencing without signs of wear and tear.

- Welcome the new homeowner to the neighborhood
You’ve closed the sale and your new homeowners are excited to get the keys to their new place. For an extra-special touch, present them with their first housewarming gift—a neighborhood reference guide. Create a customized binder and fill it with key information any newcomer will appreciate. Include maps of the area, a list of schools, banks and shopping centers, and key contact numbers to service providers such as their utilities, local plumbers, electricians, landscapers, etc. Organize the sections with Avery Durable Ready Index Dividers for a neat, clean look. By creating such a warm welcome, favorable word-of-mouth about your business is sure to get around.

Encouraging customers to make their big purchase decision can be a challenge, especially in these trying times. That’s why for businesses that focus on customer relationships, such as real estate, it’s more important than ever to give your clients a reason to do business with you. Try a personalized approach with custom client binders and see how it can reward you and your business.