How to Stimulate Your Business with a Promotion

Everyone loves getting a good deal—and there’s no better time for businesses to offer more value to customers than right now. Sales promotions can encourage new customers to give your business a try, and give current customers a reason to return. Here are some tips on how you can announce your next sales promotion and drive customers through your door.

Tip #1: Offer something of value

When customers receive a promotional offer, they’ll ask “What’s in it for me?” An effective sales promotion typically encourages customers to buy or try something new by offering them something of value when they do so. Consider testing different promotions to find the promotion that works best for you.

Try this: When you need room to explain the value of your product or service to consumers, brochures can be an effective format. When used as self-mailers, they can make your promotional piece really jump out from a stack of regular envelopes. They’re a snap to create with free templates on Avery Design & Print Online and Avery Brochures. These brochures are made of heavyweight, high-quality paper, designed to provide premium print quality on both sides. Each pack includes a set of mailing seals, so there’s no need to stuff the brochures into envelopes. Just reserve one panel of the trifold brochure for your postage and mailing label. When you’re ready to mail, address them with ease using Avery Easy Peel® Address Labels with Pop-up Edge. Just bend the label sheet, and the label edges pop up for easy peeling—so you can take care of your mailings in no time.

Tip #2: Create a genuine sense of urgency

If you’ve ever seen an offer available for a “limited time,” only to see it offered over and over again, you’ll know why many consumers are skeptical of this sales tactic. Put the customers' needs first and give them a reason to trust you, and more people will.

Try this: Make sure your customers don’t waste any time responding to your offer. When time is of the essence, postcards can really get your promotional message noticed. You can create them yourself using Avery Postcards and Avery Design & Print Online as an affordable alternative to using a professional design shop or printer.

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Tip #3: Encourage customers to take action

Your promotion should encourage your consumers to take the next step with a call to action message. That’s where you tell them what action they need to take to receive the special offer. It could be a phone number to call, a web site to visit, a response card to fill out and send or a coupon to cut out and bring to your place of business. Whatever message you choose to use, make sure you reward your consumers immediately when they respond.

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Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and consider what kind of offer they’ll appreciate. Remember, your promotion should be special—not something you offer every day. With the right offer, call to action and deadline, you can create a successful promotion that can stimulate your business in all types of economic conditions.