Office Holiday Party
Celebrate with a Holiday Party
This holiday season, throw a company party they’ll be talking about all year long. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. What it really takes is the same thoughtful planning and attention to detail that you put into everything you do at the office!

The Invitations

Sure, you could simply send out an email announcement, but an invitation sets the tone of your party and makes it feel more special. After all, this isn’t a meeting they’re expected to attend—it’s a celebration. A chance for everyone to unwind and celebrate the season together. So start by creating an invitation that sets the mood.

You can create festive invitations in just minutes using a free download of Holiday Pre-designed Templates for the Avery Wizard Software and Avery Note Cards.

Decorations that Set the Mood

A memorable party doesn’t require expensive flowers or complicated entrees. What’s important is setting the right tone. So create your own warm and inviting decorations.

- Party Favors—a small gift is a great way to make memories linger. Buy each guest a small box of chocolates or a holiday candle. Print each guest’s name and a holiday greeting on an Avery Printable Tag or Avery Label. Then attach the tag to your gift. Hand each guest their party favor before they leave.

- A customized tablecloth—If you’re setting a buffet table, why settle for a plain white tablecloth, when you can easily customize it. You can add a simple thought like “Hillford Happy Holidays” or do something more elaborate with graphics or photos. It’s a breeze when you use Avery Fabric Transfers. Then use the same design to create coordinated placemats.

- Personalized place cards—If you’re planning a sit-down dinner, create a festive setting for each guest. Buy some small and inexpensive holiday decorations at your local craft store. Little Santas, reindeer and holiday balls would work fine. Print each guest’s name in a decorative typeface on Avery Clean Edge® Business Cards. Then glue a decoration to each card for a personalized and fun place setting.

- Gift Exchange—Have everyone bring his or her wrapped present. Then, using Avery Clean Edge Business Cards, print every guest’s name on a separate card. Put the cards in a box or bowl and let each guest draw a card to determine who gets their present.

Just remember, it’s often the small touches that create a lasting impression, so plan ahead to create a celebration that’s warm, wonderful and very memorable.