Brochures with Impact
Adding Style—Creating Impact
Communicating with clients and customers is essential, but sometimes having your message stand out in a pile of mail can be a challenge. That’s what makes promotional brochures so appealing. Used as self-mailers, they make your piece really jump out of a stack of plain envelopes. And they’re a snap to create. You can make a promotional brochure yourself in no time using our free templates.

But where to begin? An effective brochure always starts with substance. The message is paramount. But it’s also important to bring some visual style to your communication—to reinforce your message and grab people’s attention.

Let Your Message Blossom

Use a Pre-Designed Template for a Stylish Solution

Look for a pre-designed Avery template that offers the layout and elements that make sense for your message. Personalize the template by replacing the placeholder text with your information, then add a little style of your own. Choose a typeface that speaks to your company’s personality. Add color to break through the clutter and hold attention. In our example, we’ve used color and graphics to recreate the beauty of a fresh bouquet. The photo says much more than simply saying: “We sell fresh bouquets!” The feel is vibrant and alive—fitting to capture the creativity of a fine florist.

Use Some Animal Attraction
1. Start With a Blank Template

You can also create your promotional brochure by downloading a blank template. It’s like starting with a blank canvas, giving you all the room you need to be creative.

2. Write a Headline That Captures Attention

First, decide what you want to say. Then try to say it in a way that is a little more emotional or attention getting. For instance, the basic message in this example is: Free puppies available at the Ridel Shelter. But reminding people how cute and lovable those puppies are enhances the message.

3. Use Clipart, Color and Typefaces to Augment Your Message

Find graphics or photos that make your message come alive. Use typefaces that suit your message. Remember, style isn’t about decorating your work, it’s about helping to make your point and add impact. Then print your promotional piece on Avery Brochures. They’re scored for easy folding and will give you crisp, clean color.

Keep It Closed

Don’t forget to use a mailing seal for the perfect finishing touch. To make things really easy, they’re included with every package of Avery Brochures.