Wedding Frame

Wedding Frame

Create a personal wedding frame that complements a photo of your wedding day.

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Step 1: Collect Supplies and Tools

Instructions: You'll need the following:

- Avery Printable Cotton (3384™)
- Fiskars® Shape Cutter and Wave Edge template (4860)
- Cutting knife
- Scrapbook album or chipboard frame, 12” x 12”
- Dark green scrapbook paper
- Dark green and white ribbon
- Personal photo
- Glue

Step 2: Create Your Design

Instructions: Using your favorite software, create a text box that fills the page. Color the text box a light pale green. Type the couple’s names in a darker green text. Copy and paste the names repeatedly to fill the page.

Step 3: Print and Attach

Instructions: Print out the text on two sheets of Avery Printable Cotton. Use both sheets to completely cover the surface area of the album, then attach the sheets to the album with glue.

Attach picture on top with glue.

Note: As an alternative project, you can also glue the sheets to a chipboard frame. Using a cutting knife, trim out the area where the picture will show through.

Step 4: Cut and Attach

Instructions: Use the Fiskars® Shape Cutter and Wave Edge template (4860) to cut 1” borders from the dark green scrapbook paper.

Glue onto the edges of the album or frame.

Step 5: Decorate

Instructions: Embellish with ribbon, covering seam between the sheets of Avery Printable Cotton.