School Mascot Gift Tag

School Mascot Gift Tag

Add a nifty tag to gift baskets or prizes for your next school event or fundraiser.

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Step 1: Collect Supplies and Tools

Instructions: You'll need the following:

- Avery Printable Tags (53215™)
- School mascot clip art
- Ribbon
- Flowers or other gift

Step 2: Open Template

Instructions: Use the Avery Printable Tags template, available for free at

Step 3: Create Your Design

Instructions: Create a text box and color it red (or the school color of your choice). Insert the school mascot clip art and add a text message if you wish.

Step 4: Print

Instructions: Print out the design onto Avery Printable Tags.

Step 5: Attach Tag

Instructions: Attach the gift tag to a ribbon, and wrap around flowers or gift.