Minim Frame Magnets

Mini Frame Magnets

Create a personalized magnet frame to spotlight your favorite photos at work, on your fridge or in a school locker.

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Step 1: Collect Supplies and Tools

Instructions: You'll need the following:

- Making Memories® Metal Frame Combo
- Avery Magnet Sheet (3270™ or 53208™)
- Personal photo
- Glue or tape
- Ribbon, twine, rhinestones, metal letters, snowflake 3-D stickers (optional)

Step 2: Insert Your Photo

Instructions: Using your favorite software, insert your photo and size to about a 2¼” square. Duplicate as many as you need.

Step 3: Print and Cut Out

Instructions: Print photos onto Avery Magnet Sheets. Cut out the photos and adhere behind the mini-frames using glue or tape.

Step 4: Decorate

Instructions: Decorate the frames using the embellishments of your choice. Here are some ideas:

- Use stamped letters strung with twine to spell a name
- Use short pieces of ribbon to hang a small rectangle from the Making Memories® Frame. Embellish with two 3-D snowflake stickers.
- Decorate the frame with rhinestones.
- Create a tag with a descriptive word, add a ribbon through a pre-punched hole, and attach to the frame.