Guess Who? Party Game with Avery Name Badges

This guessing game will get the party rolling the minute your guests step through your door. Each guest is assigned a secret identity of a known character or celebrity that’s printed on Avery Adhesive Name Badges and placed on their backs where they can’t see. The object is for each guest to figure out who they are based on how other guests interact with them. Having an identity crisis has never been this much fun!

Step 1 : Open Template

Open a template for Avery Adhesive Name Badges.

Step 2 : Customize Your Game

Choose a theme, such as “Super Heroes,” “Monsters” or “Cartoon Characters.” Enter a different character on each name badge.

Step 3 : Print

Print on Avery Adhesive Name Badges. The flexible name badge is made to move with clothing and won't fall off. With the unique Peel-Away design, you can easily separate the name badges from the printed sheet and make a stack so guests can’t peek at what’s on them. As guests arrive, peel off the backing and stick the badge to their backs.

Step 4 : Start Guessing!

Have guests mingle and try to find out what character they’re supposed to be based on how other guests socialize with them. Give out prizes based on who figures out their identity first, or who gets into their character the most once they figure out their identity.