Halloween Party

Cupcakes That Go “Bump” in the Night

Even little monsters get the munchies. And when they do, these creature cupcakes will give them something to sink their teeth into! These simple step-by-step instructions will show you how to quickly create cupcakes place settings using design templates for Avery Postcards. You can even cut out the templates, attach to wooden sticks and turn your cupcakes into little creatures.

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Step 1: Open Postcard Template

Instructions: Click to open the postcard template in Avery Design & Print Online. This free software program at avery.com/print is available anywhere you have internet access. No download required!

Black Cat Template
Dracula Template
Halloween Cupcakes

Step 2: Personalize Your Cards

Instructions: Design: Keep the current design, or create your own. To change the design, just click and delete the existing graphic or background you want to change, then use the image options on the left of the screen to add a new graphic from the image gallery or your own files.

Text: Click the text box to enter your text. To add a new text box, click the New Text button from the Text menu on the left. Move your text boxes by clicking on the edge of the box and dragging it to just the right spot.

Use the sheet navigator on the right-hand side and choose Edit All to make changes to all your cards, such as the text style and size. To apply a different design and/or text to individual cards, choose Edit One and click on the card you want to edit.

Step 3: Preview & Print

Instructions: Click Preview & Print to review your design. To make adjustments, just click the Back button. When your design is ready to go, just click the green Print button to open the file. Your cards are ready to be printed.

Step 4: Save

Instructions: To save your design, click the Save button. In the pop-up window, create a file name and save to either a free MyAvery online account or to your computer. To open saved projects, just go to avery.com/print to start.

Step 5: Ready for Cupcakes

Instructions: To create cupcake place settings (an easy project): Cupcakes in cupcake liners can be placed right onto the printed postcards and are ready to go.

To create cupcake creatures (a little more work): Cut out the head and body of the character on the postcard. Attach top section of a small wooden stick or straw to the back of the cut-out head. Insert bottom section into the cupcake. Cut out the “belly” area of the body and place the cupcake, in liner, through the opening. Make sure the postcard and printed areas do not touch the cupcake.

Step 6: Decorate

Instructions: Have a little fun with your creature cupcakes! Sprinkle chocolate shaving on top to give your black cat cupcakes some texture, or give your Dracula cupcakes a slash of fake blood using red cake decorating gel.

Step 7: Continue to Create

Instructions: Like the look of your project? You can apply the design to another product by clicking the purple Apply Design to Another Product button from the Print page. Then enter the Avery product number to start your next project!