Whisk Your Guests Away to a Charming Party Wonderland

Hello there, party planner! You’re looking for ideas for your next party? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Is it for your child? Or a good friend? Actually, you don’t need a specific reason to throw a party. Everybody knows that.

So, you want to make this party enchanting, like a dream your guests wish will never end (or, until you want them to leave). We can help you with that. So if you’re ready, let’s get started with some sweet and simple party-planning tricks bound to amaze your guests.

Start the adventure with invitations


Generic invitations are for generic parties. Not for a fabulous bash like yours. Make your guests feel special with personalized invitations. It’s like handing out exclusive VIP passes to THE party of the year.

Custom invitations, your way

To create your personalized invites, decide whether you want to send your invitations on postcards, note cards or more soopah-sized, like greeting cards. Then go to Avery Design & Print for free design templates. Find one that fits your theme and personalize. Tip: when you set up a free MyAvery account, and you’ll be able to save any design you create, in case you need to print more.

Mailing labels in minutes

Ready to address your invites? With Avery Design & Print, you can apply the design of your invites to match your address labels. And, you can put that pen away—Avery Design & Print also helps you do a mail merge and turns your guest list into mailing labels in just minutes. No more hand cramping from writing out addresses one by one.

Now presenting bites and beverages
Popcorn Cones Personalized Beverages Drink Markers

Want a sure-fire way to please your guests? Make sure the grub is readily available. Satisfied stomachs mean satisfied guests, you know what I mean? So, set up a buffet table where guests can help themselves to snacks at all times, and punch up the party décor with custom labels and cards designed with Avery Design & Print.

These decorative touches sure look nice, but that’s not all they do! Each label and card serves a dual purpose. We used these oval labels to hold paper snack cones together. Looks way better than tape, doesn’t it? The arched labels make it easier for guests to locate their beverage of choice. Personalized drinking cups using round labels help guests find their wayward drinks. And table tents not only identify the food, but also inform guests who may have food allergies.

Souvenirs for the celebration

Party Favors

Personalized party favors are a thoughtful way to thank your guests for attending the party. Avery Labels, Tags and Party Favor Kits are easy to customize with a personal message using Avery Design & Print. Then box it, tie it or bag it, and send guests off with their lovely parting gift.

What do you get when you combine good times, good food and good friends? You’ve got all the makings to create that happy place. Create your own party wonderland with a little help from Avery.