Whip Up a Cookie Decorating Party

We all know kids and cookies go hand-in-hand (ok, so do grown-ups and cookies). So, who can resist a cookie decorating party? Check out this quick party planning guide chock-full of practical tips to make your event run smoothly. Plus, check out some fun ideas to personalize your party essentials using Avery products and free design templates on Avery Design & Print Online. Let’s get started. The fun is in the sweet details!

Preheat the fun

Custom invitations are a party trend that is staying strong, but you don’t have to blow your festivity funds on the invites alone. Pump up the excitement for your cookie decorating party with affordable, personalized invitations using Avery Postcards and pre-designed templates.

When to batter up

The timing of your cookie baking can be critical. Bake them too early, and they will become stale. Bake them too late, and they won’t have enough time to cool before the decorating begins. But if you have time to whip them up the day before, store the batches in a cool, dry place, and use your willpower not to nibble them, you’ve got it made. Make sure you bake enough cookies for each guest to decorate a few creations.

Butter up the crowd

Give your home a festive feel with a tailored garland that welcomes guests. Simply pick the template theme of your choice on Avery Design & Print Online and print letters on Avery Round Labels to spell out your message. Attach each label to colorful cutouts and string them along a length of baker’s twine to make a sweet decorative banner in a pinch.

Pass out this practical party favor

Before your guests get elbow deep in the fun, minimize the mess while giving kids a keepsake from your cookie decorating party. Before the event, create personalized pint-sized aprons with iron-on Avery T-shirt Transfers. Kids can take the fun home long after you’ve swept up the sprinkles.

Set up the table of trimmings

While you’d love to be everywhere at once, minimize the running around and let Avery Tent Cards identify the goodies on the table. Use the cards to call out types of frostings, candies and toppings so your event will run as smooth as a batch of icing.

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Get gulp-worthy beverages ready

What goes better with cookies than milk served up in old-fashioned glass bottles? Labeling milk bottles with each guest’s name will keep sipping mix-ups to a minimum and—hello—are too easy and adorable to skip. Drink bottles can be decorated with fun design templates and printed on Avery Arched Labels.

Pack up the tasty treats

Finally, as the party winds down, give your guests a way to tote those edible creations home. Decorate take-out boxes with Avery Specialty Labels, tie the packages up with a little baker’s twine and your guests are ready to roll.