Transforming the Humble Holiday Shipping Box

It's the holiday season, and you're thinking about what to put inside the box you're shipping. Yet, the exterior of the box sets the tone for what's inside. So do you want your recipient to be greeted with that beige, boring container—sometimes with traces of previous markings or labels defacing it? No way.

Fortunately, there are quick and simple ways to transform that bland box into an inviting treasure that's begging to be opened. And that applies whether you're a small business owner shipping holiday orders or a grandmother sending homemade goodies to family.

Holiday Shipping

The Perfect Cover-Up

Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock® Technology cover up much of the unsightliness of used boxes—such as old, distracting scrawls, postage markings and previous shipping labels. Just apply these nifty shipping labels to make the ugliness disappear. Plus, by reusing old packaging, it helps decrease consumption and cut down on waste. It’s a smart way to go holiday green.

Additionally, our smudge-free shipping labels help ensure the address is clearly legible, and reduce the chances your package will be delayed or lost. They’re also jam-free, so you can quickly print labels from your printer, apply to packages and ship. And they work well with most popular shipping software.

Send Business Packages with a Custom Look

Let’s say your business produces gourmet candies. And you want to reflect the personality of your company on the outside of your packaging. After all, it’s a great way to strengthen your branding. (Think of your box as a blank billboard that’s just waiting for some messaging.)

Holiday Shipping

Why not create distinctive shipping labels that feature your logo? Start with our free templates and designs on Avery Design & Print Online, upload your logo and start customizing your labels.

You can also add personalized holiday greetings to the box using our specialty labels available in a variety of label shapes, sizes and textures. Your shipping box will make a great impression, and build anticipation as to what’s inside.

To save time and ink, let us print it for you! With our professional printing service, Avery WePrint™, you can order your labels and even card products (such as business cards) online, and we’ll print them for you—and deliver them to your door.

Convey Your Holiday Greetings with Personal Style

Perhaps you’re someone who wants to express your sentiments by adding traditional holidays touches to your box—both inside and outside. Check out our holiday gallery to add festive expressions of ready-made holiday images—such as Christmas trees, wreaths, snowmen or snowflakes.

Holiday Shipping

Is your gift handmade? Don’t settle for ordinary packaging. Carry your creativity and thoughtfulness to the exterior of your shipping container. Maybe attach a gnome that says, “Handmade with love from Grandma.” Or include an image that’s a reminder of home to a loved one serving in the military. It’s all possible with Avery Labels and our customizable templates.   

Holiday Shipping

These little added touches—from professional labeling to heartfelt holiday images—require little time and effort. And the best part? It can mean so much to your recipient. It’s an easy finishing touch that’s perfect for the busy holiday season.