Make Your Summer Party a Blockbuster

If seasons had a popularity contest, summer has it made. Look at it—so bright, fun and eager to please. It’s a time when people kick off their shoes, relax and let their stress slink away. And with ideal conditions like these, it sets the perfect scene for a summer party.

Want to throw your next bash like a party boss? Put it together with a little help from Avery! With our products and free design templates on Avery Design & Print Online, you can personalize your party essentials and decorations without even breaking a sweat. Make your party the hit of the season with these ideas.

Shown above: Avery Scalloped Tags, Avery Wraparound Labels, Avery Square Labels and Avery Tent Cards

Stars and Stripes Celebration
Life, liberty… and the freedom of elastic waistbands

It’s funny how people loosen up during this time of year. While they typically say “no” to carbs and processed meat, come summer it’s all about hot dog eating contests, deep-fried fair foods and other belly-busting extravaganzas.

Ever try to maneuver through a buffet table of unidentified food? Questions arise, such as “Are these traditional hot dogs or tofu dogs?” or “Is this dessert sugar-free or sugar-full?” And once you pick up something by mistake, there’s no putting it back. Set the story straight for your guests by using Avery Tent Cards to identify what you’re serving. For condiments in jars, Avery Square Labels will do the trick. It’ll help your guests tell the difference between things that look the same but are soooo different—like ketchup and inferno chipotle spread, or Miracle Whip™ and mayonnaise.

Hawaiian Luau
When “aloha” means you’re ready to party

Getting away during the summer doesn’t have to require jetlag or dodgy lodging. Transport your guests to a faraway place by hosting a luau in your backyard. The pig roasting is optional (said the pig), but the hula dancing shouldn’t be!

Start with a friendly welcome banner to greet your guests to their new destination right when they arrive. Just personalize and print Avery Round Labels, attach to colorful flags, then string them across the entryway.

In addition to ukulele tunes, tiki torches and lush flowers, decorative touches to your party supplies can also help create the tropical vibe. Versatile Avery Square Labels with festive templates can be used in all sorts of different ways. Use them to identify beverages in glass jars (or mark which drinks are alcoholic/non-alcoholic), seal favor bags, and also personalize drinking straws so guests know which drink belongs to them.

Use Avery Tent Cards to call out different types of treats on a table, or identify potluck dishes your guests bring.

Wine & Cheese Party
The tastiest way to hit two main food groups

Well, lookee here, it seems summer isn’t perfect all the time. Sometimes it can get too hot and humid, and the swarm of mosquitoes can heavily pepper the air. Good thing hosting a wine and cheese party works just fine indoors.

Finding the perfect pairing of wine and cheese takes plenty of, ahem, research. Serve up an assortment of bite-sized cheeses and use Avery Square Labels on food picks to identify each type. Use Avery Arched Labels to decorate wine bottles to match the food picks, as well as cover up existing labels. Provide each guest with a note card so they can write down their tasting observations to share with others.

Good times with friends and family are what summer parties are all about, and there’s not a blue basket in sight. Make your summer parties sensational with Avery and a little DIY ingenuity.