Looking for that “One-of-a-Kind” Gift?

When there’s a special occasion coming up, do you feel stumped trying to find the right gift for someone? Anyone can pick a gift off a store shelf, but what if you want to give something a little more personal? Try this—create a personalized Avery Signature Binder and add custom Avery Clear Label Index Maker® Dividers inside to keep their stuff organized. Here are five ways you can create a thoughtful (and useful!) gift from the heart.

For someone who’s tying the knot…
Create a wedding organizer for the bride- and groom-to-be.
Binder design suggestions: the couple’s engagement photo, their names, their wedding colors.
Divider label suggestions: wedding checklist, budget, calendars, guest list, reception location, photographer/videographer, flowers, catering, entertainment, honeymoon ideas.

For someone who’s expecting…
Create a baby book to fill with happy memories to come, or a pregnancy journal where they can track their progress.
Binder design suggestions: add a title such as “Special Delivery,” or if you know the baby’s name, something such as “Julian’s First Year.”
Divider label suggestions: months/trimesters before the arrival (for sonograms, etc.), the big day, footprints & handprints, baby’s “firsts.”

For the family chef…
Create a recipe book and give it a head start by including the family’s favorites. Pepper in photos of the family at the dinner table or at a picnic.
Binder design suggestions: add a title such as “Mom’s Favorite Recipes,” “The Smith Family Recipe Book” or “Maggie’s Secret Recipes.”
Divider label suggestions: by dish type, such as “Appetizers,” “Entrées,” “Side Dishes” and “Desserts”; or by cuisine, such as “Italian,” “Chinese,” “French” or “Mexican.”

For the sports nut…
Create a sports card collection book.
Binder design suggestions: include the name and emblem of their favorite sports team, or pictures of their favorite athlete.
Divider label suggestions: by sport, such as “baseball” or “football”; by team, such as “Arizona Cardinals” or “Pittsburgh Steelers”; by decade, such as “1970s” and “1980s”; or by card value.

For the family recordkeeper…
Create an album to keep a record of family history.
Binder design suggestions: add a title such as “The Webster Family Tree,” or a family crest or emblem.
Divider label suggestions: create titles by generation, such as “Your Parents,” “Your Grandparents” and “Your Great-grandparents,” etc.

The next time you’re in a pinch to find the right gift for someone, consider these five amazing binder transformations. What starts as a binder can turn into an organizer, memory book or collection book. Whatever you choose to create, it’s a gift your recipient is sure to appreciate!