Homespun Ideas for a DIY Thanksgiving

So you're one of the lucky ones hosting Thanksgiving this year, eh? Gotta hand it to you, holiday entertaining is no small feat. But if you're wondering what you've gotten yourself into, we're here to help—with simple ways to surprise your guests using everyday Avery cards, Avery labels and free design templates from our Thanksgiving gallery. Take a look at these crowd-pleasing ideas that'll float your gravy boat.

Set up a thankful tree

Here's a fun, festive project that gets everyone involved. First, start with a potted tree or place leafy branches in a tall vase. Use Avery Design & Print Online to pre-print tags that read, "I'm thankful for…" and place them, along with pens and pencils, on a table. Have your guests fill out a tag or two when they arrive and attach them to the tree. Once everyone's filled out a tag, enjoy reading everyone's responses and trying to guess who wrote each one.

Thanksgiving Menu

Carry on tasty traditions

Here's to preserving Thanksgiving traditions—or starting new ones. Print your family's favorite recipes on postcards decorated with festive templates on Avery Design & Print Online. If you're willing to share your secret with guests who must have the recipe, print a few extra. If you're not willing to share but want to play along, you can "fudge" the ingredients on the passed out cards. We won't tell.

Tell them what's in store

When hungry stomachs arrive, let the ravenous crowd know what's in store. With these pre-printed menu cards, guests can pace themselves as the delicious dishes are served. (It's up to your guests to save room for dessert!) Menu cards can also be personalized with each guest's name and used as place settings.

Another idea to guide people to their seats is coming up next.

Thanksgiving Place Setting

Create inviting place settings

These little tent cards are super easy to create. Start with one of our free Thanksgiving design templates and add each guest's name with Avery Design & Print Online. Then fold and place one at each place setting. You can also crank up the fun by printing thought-provoking questions or riddles on the inside.

Decorate trimmings for the table

Choosing a design theme can pull together the decorative effects you use on all your trimmings on the buffet or dinner table for a coordinated look. Our water-resistant arched labels are ideal for customizing your favorite bottled beverages with an attractive look that fits right in. You can also mark the "adult" beverages for easy identification (and kids will know which bottles hold the sparkling cider).

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Pack up the leftovers

Unless your guests are wearing elastic waistbands, there comes a time when there's no room for any more…for now. But what about for later? Set up a packing station so guests can wrap up some leftovers to take home. Offer take-out containers, foil, plastic bags and utensils, along with labels so they can identify—and stake their claim—on the grub.