Four Ways to Show Your Appreciation to Clients and Colleagues

There's no better time than the holiday season for business owners to show their gratitude to customers, vendors and employees. It's an opportunity to say "thank you" for the past year, and helps strengthen relationships going into the new year.

Avery products and free design templates make it easy to show your appreciation with customized thank-you cards and gifts you can easily create using cards, labels and tags. Add your business logo for a professional look and print from your own printer. Or, save time and ink and let us print for you when you use our professional printing service, Avery WePrint™.

Here are four simple thought-starters on how your business can spread holiday cheer in your own unique, memorable way.

1. Create custom cards

Forget those generic, mass-produced cards. To make your holiday message more thoughtful, consider creating your own. Avery offers a wide selection of greeting cards, note cards and postcards you can customize using the free Avery Design & Print software. Add your business logo, a photo of the employees and a personalized message. Create address labels that match your greeting card theme to button-up your mailings.
Custom Cards

2. Bundle up a group gift

When you work with a client or vendor, sometimes it's more than the efforts of one person making it all come together. But if it seems a little overwhelming to recognize each and every individual in that organization, consider sending a gift to the group. With a group gift, you can express heartfelt thanks from everyone in your business to everyone in theirs. A boxed tower of treats, fruit basket or candy topiary turns into a thoughtful gift when you add a personalized message on a label or card branded with your business logo.

See how easy it is to create custom toppers with our step-by-step guide Create Holiday Toppers for Topiaries and Treats
Group Gift with Labels and Tags

3. Send warm wishes with winter-themed kits

From business employees to fellow colleagues, personalized gifts let them know you recognize each and every one of them and appreciate their individual contribution. Think about the little things that make each person's day, and capture it in a unique gift they'll be able to use. Create a coffee kit with a mug and bag of their favorite beans, or cocoa kit complete with the mix and marshmallows. How about a scarf and mittens in their favorite color? And there's nothing wrong with gift cards to their favorite café or movie theatre. Wrap them all up, add a personalized label or tag, and gift.
Winter Themed Kits

4. Let your sample gifts represent your business

Does your company already produce items that would make good gifts? Consider using these for your holiday gifting. Customers will enjoy samples of food and beverages such as jams/jellies, spices/seasonings, candy or gourmet snack foods, packaged with a seasonal message using our custom labels, cards and tags. Whether your item is jarred, bagged or boxed, Avery products can help give your gifts a distinctive, professional appearance.
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