Create Instant Shelf Appeal for Your Edible Products

Your passion for developing your specialty food products has come to fruition. Your recipe is perfected, and you’re ready to package your goods and take them to market. But even the most unique specialty products will have a hard time attracting customers’ attention if they don’t have hardworking packaging labels doing their job. From farmers markets to handcrafted fairs, online or your retail store, here are five things to remember when creating captivating product labels.

Jam Product Labels

1. Show your brand personality.

Whether you want your brand to be recognized as traditional or modern, quirky or clean and simple, use your product labels to communicate what you’re all about. Your product name, company logo, the colors you use and even your font choice can appeal to your target customers, and help them connect with your brand.

2. Call out what makes your product unique.

You’re not introducing the world to the same old, same old. You’re offering something refreshingly different, and you should let your customers know all about it! Give the competition a run for their money by calling attention to what makes your product unique. Let your labels do the talking.

3. Include your required information.

Your customers want to know what your product is made of, and they want to feel good about their purchase. Be sure to leave plenty of room on your product labels to display the required FDA information, and make sure it’s easy to find and easy to read.

4. Consider product placement when designing your labels.

When you hold the product in your hand, it’s easy to see it from all angles. But what if it’s sitting on a shelf? Or stacked on a table? Or even placed in a bin? Give your product every opportunity to be noticed from any direction. Use visible labeling on the front, sides and top, and your products will be able to attract consumers from any angle.

5. Use quality materials on the outside to represent the quality on the inside.

You’re counting on your product labels to showcase the essence of your brand. To convey quality, you need to start with quality. Order your custom labels from Avery WePrint™, where you can choose from an extensive collection of labels in a variety of shapes, sizes and premium materials to complement your products. Let us professionally print your labels and deliver them to your door. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your labels and our service.

Jar Product Labels