Bundle Up These Cozy Winter Drink Gifts

Right now, you might have a few people on your holiday gift list who have you completely stumped. So you think, "If I were them, what would I want when it's colder than a polar bear's toes outside?" Bingo. A nice winter drink, that's what. Thoughtful, practical and bound to warm their tummies, here are three sippable gift ideas for the tricky ones on your list.
Gift idea #1: Christmas morning coffee
"I know you don't like a lot of fuss, but thought you'd appreciate something practical."
Christmas morning coffee basket with Avery Printable Tag 22802
Create the gift tag with Avery Printable Tags and free design templates on Avery Design & Print.
This gift basket's got practically everything anyone would need to enjoy a warm cup of coffee on a chilly Christmas morning—just add water. Bundle up a coffee press, coffee, a couple tumblers and stirrers. And don't forget the personalized gift tag for the intended recipient, because this is one snatchable gift.
Gift idea #2: Merry mulled wine
"You might be a wine snob, but you can't go wrong if you're making it yourself."
Mulled wine gift set with labeled wine and tagged spice bag
Create the wine label with Avery Arched Labels and free design templates on Avery Design & Print. For matching tea tags, create with Avery Printable Tags.
This traditional drink is a mixologist's dream! Whether they like their drinks sweet, fruity or full of spice, this kit makes it easy to customize to taste by adjusting the spices before boiling and simmering in red wine. Personalize the bottle label with matching spice bag tag to create a festive holiday gift.
Gift idea #3: Hot chocolate cheer
"It'd be awkward if I didn't get you anything, but totally weird if I went all out."
Mini cocoa kits in tins with round labels and printable tags
Create the label with Avery Round Labels and free design templates on Avery Design & Print. For the matching tag, create with Avery Round Scallop Tags.
Have you ever forgotten a gift for someone and realized it too late? Save yourself the facepalm moment by having these mini cocoa kits on hand. Pack, label and tag, and it's ready to gift. It's the little things that can mean so much—especially during the holidays.
The holiday gift list is done. The stress is over. And now you're all set to deliver some holiday cheer they'll enjoy with every sip. For more ideas, visit our holiday page.