Make Your Mailings Merry

You’ve got your holiday mailing list. Checked it twice. Now it’s time to send your invites and greetings on their merry way!

With Avery, there’s more than one way to address your envelopes. We’ve got labels in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and free designs to decorate them on Avery Design & Print. And since your envelope is one of the first things a person sees when your card arrives in the mail, why not make your labels unique?

Here are some labeling ideas to give your holiday mail a twist.

Fold over the top with arched labels

Rounded on one side and squared off on the other, our Arched Labels (shown above) give you plenty of room to print your return address on one end and the recipient’s address on the other. Be sure to rotate your return address text before printing, so once you fold the label over the top of the envelope, your address will display right-side up.

Attach from one side to the other with wraparound labels

Wraparound Labels 

Wraparound Labels are making their appearance on shipping packages to envelopes. Like the arched labels, one label can work as both the return address and address label. When formatting your labels, designate a smaller area on the label or consider using a smaller font for your return address. To apply, we recommend straddling the label on the edge of the envelope so your return address sits on one side and the recipient’s address is on the other before smoothing down.

Choose a specialty shape such as oval, round or square

Dessert Buffet

For years, the rectangle dominated the address labeling scene. But look out—the other shapes are making a statement, and they're getting noticed. Oval, round and square labels are eye-catching alternatives for address labels and envelope seals.

When it comes to labeling ideas, Avery has you covered. Along with the variety of shapes, Avery also offers an assortment of labels in different textures and materials, such as clear, kraft brown, silver foil and gold foil. From a wide assortment of products to free, customizable designs, Avery gives you more ways to give your holiday mailing a new look.