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CDs Organized in a Binder

Simple Steps for a Neat & Orderly Desk

Store and organize paperwork and media files for a clean and efficient desktop. To start, all you need is a binder, sheet protectors and dividers.

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Step 1: Collect Your Information

Instructions: Gather your frequently referenced materials and organize into categories.

Step 2: Open Template

Instructions: Open the Divider template and type in your category titles. Add your company logo.

Step 3: Print Dividers

Instructions: Print on Avery Index Maker Translucent Dividers and organize your materials in an Avery Framed View Binder.

Step 4: Create Cover & Spine

Instructions: Create a customized binder cover and spine using your company logo and desktop publishing software.

Step 5: Use Sheet Protectors

Instructions: Use Snap-In Sheet Protectors to store valuable documents, and add them to the binder.

Step 6: Use Report Covers

Instructions: Place desktop reference materials such as a phone list or a proposal in stylish but sturdy Transparent Report Covers for easy access.

Step 7: Organize by Subject

Instructions: Organize your CDs by subject and store in handy CD Pages in a binder to maximize valuable storage space.

Step 8: Helpful Hint

Instructions: To insert a photo or graphic:
1. Open NEW document.
2. Select photo from file: Insert>Picture>From File, and click to insert.
3. Choose “Format Picture” icon. From the dialog box, select the “Layout” tab.
4. Click “In front of text” option.
5. Copy and paste your image into the brochure, and size it to fit. Your image will paste on top of any other graphic or text and allow you to move it and resize it if necessary.

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